April 29, 2018

Floral Berries


I am in the mood for all things floral right now! That's what Spring usually does to me, it's nothing ground-breaking, but florals are in style each Spring so why not embrace it!? I am starting small with this skirt that has a cool poppy print, which fades away close to the waistline. I added a simple knit top, my favourite denim jacket and a strawberry wicker bag to the outfit. It feels good to dress for Spring and this look has been one favourite so far.


What I wore

Jacket: Primark
Shirt: discounter
Skirt: Lindy Bop
Bag: Collectif
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann
Earrings: gift, Swarovski
Necklace: old, Turkish Bazaar






April 16, 2018

Winter flew by quickly


It feels like this year is flying by. It is the middle of April and it feels like we just celebrated Christmas. The last 3 months of school have started and Summer is right around the corner. Not that those photos let you guess as much. The last remnants of snow are gone now as well and we just started working in the garden to make it ready for Summer. We also had our first BBQs of the season and it was great to sit outdoors for a bit. I was brave and actually packed our winter coats away. Let's see if that was such a smart idea. For now, wearing a leather jacket and some thin tights is all I need to survive the colder mornings as we do get up to 20°C this week. This red faux leather jacket has been a great colorful addition to my closet and will serve me well for this Spring and more seasons after that. I added a more monochrome grey and black outfit to the look to let the jacket be the focus piece. The grey skirt is one of my winter staples and works well the red.



What I wore

Jacket, Blouse & Bag: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann
Scarf: gift
Watch: Skagen





April 14, 2018

What I love right now - 2017 archives


I found a lot of pictures from last Summer in my archives that I still wanted to share here on the blog. I do look forward to Spring/Summer 2018 through these as well and it also reminds me of all those nice moments. And hey, how our little kitten has grown in these past months!!


Rainbow pictures taken on the balcony of our old flat - miss that place just for this amazing view!





Funny pictures from last summer at the folk fair "Kät"




Pictures of little kitten Sisu - she joined our family in September




Our Lion King moment!




Balloon Festival







Would love this as my new ride!


What a view!

April 10, 2018

The last of Winter in Spring


So here it goes! We finally can say that it is Spring here as well. The snow that you see in those pictures is gone now and we got nice Spring weather. I have been living in my dresses and denim jackets for the past couple of days and am enjoying the warmer temperatures. As it is April now, we are expecting weird weather and I won't put my coats away just yet as well as my boots. This look is my final real Winter outfit, even though I got a couple of outfits prepared with remnants of snow in the background. 


Here I am wearing my new Eshakti dress. It is quite long, going down to mid-calf and I think it is a better fit for Spring and Summer without tights and just some cute little sandals to show more skin. Still love the print, but the fit is just a little off. I tried the customizing option, but did not add the measurements between shoulder and waist, which makes the only issue here (which is totally my own fault!). The waist band sits just a little low, which you can see down in the closeup with my rosé belt. Otherwise I love Eshakti as I can finally buy dresses and other pieces fit for my height and figure. I love their variety and the customizing option on each of the items and then fitting them to my measurements. I added my new camera bag to the look as it works really well as a handbag as well.


What I wore

Dress: Eshakti
Jacket & Belt: Primark
Boots: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Camera Bag: Omniqueen
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Watch: Skagen




April 3, 2018

Updated Work Attire for Spring


Spring is in full swing here, this week the high temperatures are supposed to go up till 20°C, but I still got a couple of snowy pictures for you here! Well, I am always a bit sad when the snow leaves, but it is nice to wear a little less layers. I did do some Spring shopping and have updated my work wardrobe a bit. This black long blazer is a nice basic that I hope to wear for years to come. I did have a similar one for the last 10 years and it was finally time to replace it. Glad I did, as this new one has long arms and a much nicer fit. The scarf was a gift for Christmas and I have been wearing it non-stop throughout the last months. This is definitely a look that I feel comfortable with wearing at work even though the hemline of the skirt is quite high. With opaque tights it works well. I do love wearing them, as they give an outfit a more polished look. 
I think this might be my last snowy outfit post, but who knows. Now that we are living up in the mountains, Winter could be back in no time. There has been snow even in May in the last years, so I am not promising Spring floral looks with green grass just yet.



What I wore

Shirt: discounter
Blazer: Primark
Scarf: gift
Tights: Esda
Boots: Deichmann
Necklace & Ring: Kalevala, gift
Bracelet: Pierre Lang, gift





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